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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Meditation -lost the count I think day14 for me

So My thoughts

Micha , Michal, friends, who’s right?

Who’s wrong, what do I need what

do I want?

I’m like the leaves up in the tree, swaying

With every breeze, that comes along.

Where is my center? ah breathing now, softening my belly,

Feeling , my belly my breath At least for this meditation, in the body.

And the head

Rules, (still)

Last night again came the request

Can I come and see you? Need to hold you, smell you.Can I come on such and such a night?

Desperation in his voice, well through the lines of a chat actually (-:


My body says yes, ‘cause the wanting is there for me too


Body says yes,

Heart is scared

Head  says No!

Heart. vulnerable, soft open , well half open,bleeding. I’m scared

I don’t want to be hurt.

What do I want, a guarantee? As if there is one someone could give me.


The image of the sky that I photographed in the winter, on the beach in Tel Aviv

Wide open, clear, expansive, free

No more words come. Though was awake at 530, up at 545, showered

Did a 15 minute sitting,wrote in my journal by hand for another 10

Promised myself to just write until seven

Suddenly, Tom my son was up, needed to relieve myself, the Bunnies started their day and needed attention

and the moment is Lost.

Children to school then for my weekly yoga class, hurray for that.

And then back to my life.

This is my Best...today


  1. the beach looks incredible!! what is your weather there like right now?

  2. Hi Mary Beth! I'm back in the game, dear friend from the desert! I commented on your post, WOW is all I can say and anyone who's intrigued will follow your link...dreamy beautiful, mindful , all the things I love!
    So thanks for commenting, yes the Tel Aviv and all of Israel's shoreline, is beautiful sandy beaches, when they're not ruined and polluted with real estate development! Weather here is HOT HOT HOT!