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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

During yoga class this morning...

During yoga class this morning, which was sooo wonderful...I felt so present, thoughts of my recent affair barely bothered me. I was focused on my Teacher, Anne Catherine, her voice has such a wonderful resonance for me. This is an Iyengar Yoga class for women only, in order to focus on our special structure and needs... During the class Anne brings our awareness time and time again to different parts of the body which take more of an active part in each pose. Bringing a lot of focus and awareness and clarity. She quoted B.K.S. Iyengar saying: "Paradoxically, when we can separate the different parts of the body and bring our awareness and intention to each part, it gives us clarity and peace of mind.
During Savasana, when she was guiding us to start to go deep into the cellular level of the skin and relax deeply, I suddenly had a  great idea! I am going to interview Anne for this challenge! I think it can benefit a lot of you out there...even though everyone comes from slightly different approaches, they are all united in yoga!
 Anne has 25 years experience, she has been all over the world, not to mention she trained many times with the Master Iyengar himself , in India, and his daughter Geeta. She invests a lot of her time on self development. Anne is also a single mother of two, she has a thriving studio in Ra'anana, a town adjacent to mine, and I have known her for  years now.

She has no website, no Facebook, no Twitter. Nevertheless her classes are packed and people are waiting in line to get into her medical and recuperative classes  (is that a word?) She has never written about herself, or any of her thoughts down, so she was happy to hear my idea! I am totally excited about this and will post this  next Monday which should be the last day of this challenge, I think.

I came out feeling so energized and happy from this idea. And from it came more ideas. To dedicate each of the coming posts to different people in my life.
Made kind of a mental list: First my kids, then my Mom, and close friends, I love the power of the two young and assertive women who run my child's horseback riding farm. Wow, they're amazing those two. Technically they could be my children...some sadness there remembering two abortions from my 20's, (somehow I would like to write something for them too), and for some reason, my friend from the bicycle shop , who's a man who seems to see right through me..

I came home to find Mary Beth's post, that really inspired me. I love way she writes and the way she incorporates her beautiful photographs. This challenge has introduced me to so  many creative spirits!
What I want to tell you is that I had another opportunity today to observe myself in this "relationship" Which I haven't been updating you about because I was feeling low, going from high to low, from being a victim to a creator, from being in touch with myself to disconnecting, in places where I am still struggling to find connection.
 I put the word relationship in quote signs, but in fact, it is a relationship, in that it just shows me again and again where I am with myself, what I am feeling and needing and believing, how I re-act, endlessly noticing, trying to be as present as possible while thoughts are racing through my head.
This morning on my way to Yoga, I said to myself that my heart bleeds to think of his woman's pain...I'm sure she's just as unhappy as him. I must must live up to my values. I must!

Byron Katie, who you've noticed I like to quote, says " Everything happens FOR ME and not TO ME,
I like that sentence...it gives meaning, it gives me a sense of empowerment, that I can learn and grow from every experience.
Evening, My daughter Yasmin is playing the theme song from Titanic. You may say it's corny, but it's a beautiful melody, and always makes me feel sad, I sang it at my father's grave last year ...
Tired, I think this is  enough for today.

wrote this last night and the computer didn't cooperate with me as far as posting this , so here it is now, a bit revised.love

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