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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#215800 Challenge - Day 2

Well how hard is it to write with two bunny rabbits running around? Somewhere I think it was Osho who said that Rabbits are like our consciousness , our thoughts , running, jumping , (munching?) ...well It's 6 am and  I have been up since 430, but still stayed in bed...excited happy, feeling a sense of joy and peace and self acceptance I have almost never experienced, contented- yes I think that's the word. Usually I wake up in a state of panic....and stress, at least it's been like that since I separated form my husband almost four years ago. Not to mention those three am panic attacks, those are the worst...in the dead of the night. Alone, Kids sleeping in the other room can be comforting, but when they're not there...it's much worse. But slowly, gradually I am beginning to be , BE, be happier with myself. And what has been creating this change? Without a doubt the therapy I doing in a system, a form of Body- Psychotherapy called Biosynthesis, which I am also training to be therapist Well first and foremost Gratitude to Dina my dear old, friend, who kept nagging me to come and study this system. 
But maybe first I should tell you a little bit about myself because after all, who am I? what have I come here to do? what's been my path until now? 
Born in Israel in 1961, August which just happens to be the same year and month Barack Obama  was born, just a few days apart a fact that fills me with inspiration and what? Inspiration. Ok break for some coffee.
So I was born in a village or farming community called a Moshav, in Hebrew. My Dad had been trained in Agriculture , and specialized in citrus fruit, which at the that time, when the State of Israel was young, was the number one  export. Jaffa Oranges were big! When he and my Mom married they moved to this farming community, built themselves a little cottage, all very romantic, except for two major drawbacks. In addition to working on his own land in his own orchards , my father travelled across Israel, guiding, teaching training other farmers how to grow citrus fruits. So my Mom, a city girl by birth, was left alone...and without a car, and was apparently very very lonely. To add insult to injury, when she was pregnant with my big brother , Yuval, my Dad spent about half a year of her pregnancy abroad, because he was off traipsing around the world working!. Well if he was alive,I would give him a piece of my mind with all the knowledge I now possess about how important the state of mind of Mom is during pregnancy...sadly, only now , when she is 84 years old, did she remember to be angry with him for this. Sigh, a moment of compassion for Mom, that's not easy to feel for her usually...
So I was born in this farming community, surrounded by orchards and to this day the smell of blooming citrus flowers just does it for me... a scent so basic and loved....
When I was half a year old my Mother had had enough of this isolation and there were probably other reasons, but they sold the place and moved closer to town. That being Tel Aviv.  When I was four, my Dad decided to finish his Masters degree and we moved to California..UC, Davis, straight to the family residents of students, called Orchard Park! Though I was, apparently in a state of trauma, for the first few months, not uttering a word at the preschool I went to, I will forever be in gratitude for this move. Otherwise , would I be writing to you in English?Would my consciousness be expanded to include the ideals and ideas of the 60's? And the music that was playing in the background growing up? Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary (my heroes and the first live concert I ever saw at age 7 , still sends shivers up my spine when I remember it), BEATLES! Man, when I was six, June 1967, two things happened. The Six Day War, and for me more important, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band! Friends of my parent's gave us that album upon it's release and I would listen to it in awe...scratching my name on the back where the words were, which years later helped me find that album again after it had been stolen from us at a party. Woo Hoo!)
Undoubtedly, the answer to the question somewhere above is no! And yet for years and years I spent my time bemoaning the fact that I had been moved from place to place with no say in the matter, uprooted, and that's why my life is....(you can fill in the space if you like).Today I understand that it was the lack of Empathy that made it hard. But I digress, is that the word? No it's all important, 'cause it's me, Yael writing to you today, HAPPY! IN GRATITUDE, for everything everything that I've been through, and come out alive , happy safe, and finally finally realizing my dream to Teach Empathy, with the wonderful tool called Nonviolent Communication. Whoah there, gal, you've written 850 words, and it's time to wake up the kids! See ya tomorrow!


  1. http://yes.walla.co.il/?w=2/7828/1660197 the horse child, a movie... mmm...
    Yeap, Empathy could help us that were shlleped around with our parents :-)
    I'm proud of you, still- what's this challange Yael?

  2. It's a challenge on Twitter initiated by a New York writer...21 days, 5 days of each week yoga and 800 words a day writing...are you on twitter?