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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Systems and Structures- why they're good for you (as I'm finding out)

Recently, well, half a year ago,( but that's pretty recent, ain't it?), I did a business course with Mark Silver of Heart of Business. Six classes that were illuminating, and inspiring and almost every superlative I can think of. I really love Mark's approach and I have been following him for over two years, and that's before I joined twitter! I know I gained alot from it even though, to be honest, my business is not taking off yet and I have still so much to implement from that course alone.

Well truth is I'm kind of ashamed to say that I didn't even listen completely to the last lesson, entitled: " Structures and Systems". Only now I am beginning to understand why.One of the hardest things for me to do is to create a structure for myself in my life. It's like I am rebeling against it. Somehow, it's always gotta be something from the outside that does it for me. Maybe, yes, there is a slight chance I am being a little hard on myself, but I have a theory why it's so hard to create a structure for me to work in - and it's connected to schooling. I won't get into it now, but I am finding that creating a structure, a routine, gives me alot more freedom and more importantly, a sense of comfort and much less stress.

I wonder what it's like for you? What methods do you use to create structure and a routine in your lives that isn't imposed from the outside?

Pregnant Waiting

 I am a student of Biosynthesis a body oriented psychotherapy, and I also teach a process known as Nonviolent Communication, focusing particularly in my work on how to give and receive Empathy. Both systems put an emphasis on not "knowing " the answer for the person you're working with... who is sharing an experience or pain of some kind. It's having the capacity to wait, "pregnant waiting" and let things unfold, let things come up by themselves, and not jump in with my own insights  or musings, or worse, knowledge. How hard is that? Just to wait...

Can I apply this wisdom into my own life, and not be stressed to come up with an answer for it?

What's your experience?

This post was inspired by : "My Grandfather's Blessings" by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D a heartfelt and touching account of her work and life as a doctor....well recommended.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm getting up! I'm getting up!

It's Passover tonight. That means spring cleaning, that means I have to get out of bed and actually START somewhere. Woke up at 5 am first time, whew, I still have time I say to myself, plus the fact that they moved the clock, it's actually 4 am. Relief. 7 am I open my eyes again, well there's no school today the kids don't have to get up - that gives me another half hour, right? 730 mind's racing, thoughts streaming in seeing myself getting up cleaning here, there, shopping for some food, words formulating - ideas for blog posts , like "Last Minute Girl...that's what I am". some Byron Katie, I should make a list of things to do - is that true ? Not to mention my e-mail contact list which I decided needs some organizing

Where do I begin? not exactly the same content- but songs always pop into my head somehow (-:

Finally it's the bunny rabbits letting me know they're hungry that get me out of bed, and things begin to happen on there own, like they always will I guess... you know what I mean?

Happy Easter and Passover to one and all!

What happens when you don't know?

I don't know what to call this post and I don't know how to define myself.
What happens when you don't know?
Somewhere some- where in cyberspace I read that it's good to give things space...it's like I've noticed that when I'm frantically looking for something it never turns up. But if I take a little breath and say: give it some space, within minutes I see it. So maybe this little teeny bit of wisdom can be applied to the rest of my life?

Usually when sitting at a coffee shop I either read or write ( in my notebook it has to be said...handwriting does it for me). Today I sat in the sun, and did nothing, well I tried to write, found I didn't have a pen -  asked the waitress for one, it didn't work and then a voice inside said : leave it, just be.
Scared I have to say , fear comes in when I'm thinking I HAVE to do something.And I'm frantically running around ...no results there. So now I'll try some space ...and now here I am, and we'll see what comes up,  somethin's gotta.