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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm getting up! I'm getting up!

It's Passover tonight. That means spring cleaning, that means I have to get out of bed and actually START somewhere. Woke up at 5 am first time, whew, I still have time I say to myself, plus the fact that they moved the clock, it's actually 4 am. Relief. 7 am I open my eyes again, well there's no school today the kids don't have to get up - that gives me another half hour, right? 730 mind's racing, thoughts streaming in seeing myself getting up cleaning here, there, shopping for some food, words formulating - ideas for blog posts , like "Last Minute Girl...that's what I am". some Byron Katie, I should make a list of things to do - is that true ? Not to mention my e-mail contact list which I decided needs some organizing

Where do I begin? not exactly the same content- but songs always pop into my head somehow (-:

Finally it's the bunny rabbits letting me know they're hungry that get me out of bed, and things begin to happen on there own, like they always will I guess... you know what I mean?

Happy Easter and Passover to one and all!

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