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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Power of Loving Presence - A Firsthand Experience

Yesterday I had the honor of hosting my new friend Lydia Hayman of Goodness Greatness Me at my studio-
We had met previously only on Facebook, where we both belong to a business sharing group. Somehow, when she walked in the door, I felt I had known her for years- and almost hugged her straight away (turns out later she felt the same way!)

I had invited her to my studio because I wanted to get to know her and have a chance to show her my Metal creations for real.. to see, feel and get a real sense of them.

We sat and talked - she told me of her path up too this point, and I did as well.

Lydia is a life coach with a background as a successful English teacher, coaching/teaching hundreds of kids over the years. She is a warm loving person- there was something about her presence that felt safe and trustworthy.

 I had been walking around with a lump in my throat and heart for a few days and at one point, while telling her my story- tears welled up, and in her empathic presence, they were able to flow out. Suddenly my whole body posture changed - I felt my spirit lifting- and a sense of relief. As a result, all kinds of ideas on how to leverage myself came up, spontaneously on there own.

I am a great believer in Empathy - that certain quality of presence - that undivided, loving, not-trying-to-fix- things-for-you attention- which plays a powerful, if not THE most powerful, part in healing.

Meeting her was great and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to work through her emotional relationship with herself. She'll be offering a a small group workshop soon -I know I'll be there - I can't wait to be in her presence again!

I am happy to say she also bought this Hamsa which gives a quality of protection and beauty to any space. Thank you Lydia!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

What If?

Photo Credit Elizabeth Bunsen

What if

What if I didn't have to work
Think about
About money
Every Morning
Especially those 4 ams
And especially workdays
Waking up
Thinking of my long 
To Do's
Some of which
never get done
the essay  I need to write to receive my certificate
As a therapist 

What if
I could wake up happy
All is Well
To create
Free to just BE
What would it feel like?
Thinking again- How can I help?
How can I utilize my gifts, my goodness
to help others
Make enough to sustain myself and the kids...
And some
To feel that freedom?
Words that I haven\t yet 

What's holding me back?