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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What happens when you don't know?

I don't know what to call this post and I don't know how to define myself.
What happens when you don't know?
Somewhere some- where in cyberspace I read that it's good to give things space...it's like I've noticed that when I'm frantically looking for something it never turns up. But if I take a little breath and say: give it some space, within minutes I see it. So maybe this little teeny bit of wisdom can be applied to the rest of my life?

Usually when sitting at a coffee shop I either read or write ( in my notebook it has to be said...handwriting does it for me). Today I sat in the sun, and did nothing, well I tried to write, found I didn't have a pen -  asked the waitress for one, it didn't work and then a voice inside said : leave it, just be.
Scared I have to say , fear comes in when I'm thinking I HAVE to do something.And I'm frantically running around ...no results there. So now I'll try some space ...and now here I am, and we'll see what comes up,  somethin's gotta.