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Friday, February 26, 2010

10 things I can trust about myself -and like too!

1. I can make a beautiful salad - and tasty too!
2. That if I put my hands on and in some material, something of beauty will happen
3. I have a good eye for measurements and distances (useful with car spaces in a city)
3a. Great parallel parker !
4.When I put pen to paper something of value can come out of it.
5.I've got a great memory for quotes! (thanks Arnina Kashtan for pointing that out to me)
6. I still have a "world class bum" as Malcolm from London pointed out 4 years ago.(thanks Malcolm).  Nearing the end of my fifth decade in this body, that's no trivial thing!
7. I connect well with people of all sizes (particularly new borns!)
8. My housekeeping will never get to a point of no return (Virgo rising or what?)
9. I have a very strong body! (thanks God)
10. I am the best listener I know ! (now practice listening to myself...with empathy)

Funny to put all this down, spontaneously, without being asked to do so by some coach/therapist ( not that I knock those wonderful people who have helped me along the way one bit!)

How does it feel reading it? Content. Relief. Whew ! Nice Feeling. Thanks God!

How about you? have you done this lately?
"Try it , you'll like it"

p.s. Also - this - particularly the photograph!

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  1. This made me feel happy just reading it and as I was reading it, it inspired me to think about things I trust and like about myself too!

    Love that photo you included - you are very talented.