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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Non-Gratitude Mandala!

I've been busy the last ten days
Busy Creating

I challenged myself
Instead of going to a meditation retreat (paid for by my dear brother as a birthday present)
I chose to stay at home and finish a piece for a group show of Israeli women in Paris
A piece I was not sure I could and would make

I discovered a lot about myself in these few days
How much I love Art, for example
How I can be moved and excited by it. How excited I am to read about lives of Artists
How much I love Dialogue with other people in and during my process of creation
How I can FIND these amazing people in my life

I found out how loved I am

For four days I was alone and didn't leave the house.
Kids were at their Dad's. so I was alone (except for the bunnies)
I could move , suddenly, according to my own pace
My own Rhythm, finding it
Going from watercolors to sketching to papier mache-ing
Listening to my favourite music (My Fair Lady...amongst others)
Reminding my- Self of my favourites - singing out loud
And I created, and I had visions of more creations

Thinking of the relationship between suffering and creating
Looking at my own
At others

This morning I got up happy, well, relatively (-:
Felt like making a Gratitude Mandala
To Thank everyone and everything in my life

And then a text message that brought up old anger again

I'm still grateful - or beginning to be again
Apparently, what needs to come up, does

Fortunately, I have my colors, my words my hands as  direct expressions
Channels for this Anger energy

Off to continue this Journey
Thanks to all of you reading this!

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