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Friday, September 10, 2010

Moving in awareness from moment to moment...

I'm doing the dishes.

My head's rambling on about how it's all wrong, and I'll never amount to anything, about the mistakes I've made or why didn't I do this that or the other, etc etc.

And then, suddenly I stop (if it is ME doing the stopping). Suddenly it stops and I am able to direct my awareness to my body.

And all is well. No pain, at the moment.  (-:
No discomfort, just a body, breath, belly, arms moving flowing, standing, doing dishes...and everything is fine...yes, absolutely fine. And there's nothing wrong in this moment.

Only the story line, that comes back, every now and again.

It's a wow kind of moment but without bells ringing and lights and firecrackers. No orchestra playing.
Just pure contentment. Suddenly something's clicked.

As Byron Katie puts it: "Who would you be without your story? "

Today I felt it.


  1. Wow, Yael. What a powerful experience...and post! I always crack up when I am washing the dishes and I look at my hands and wonder who in the hell they belong to! You know what I mean?

  2. Dear Julie!
    Yes! I totally have that experience sometimes...is it because it's something we do every day? maybe it allows the observer more space to be?
    Thanks for the comment and RT!Love