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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deception and Living Life

Enjoy the journey and give birth to self-love, self-worth and divine creativity. Let go of the past and emerge into life and love.

The day  started out really bad.
I barely slept and awoke at 430 am.
On my way to the big city
A call in the car
Heavy conversation
In Heavy traffic.
A panic attack while driving on the highway
Breathing...you must not lose it...you must not lose it...

Almost threw up, wish I had, why didn't I? Fear
Throw up, the
The deception

Yeah, he was deceiving me, but worse
I was deceiving myself

Everything happens for a reason they say

Driving home
After major crying session
I stop at a friend's
To get a hug

Lying in her garden
Smelling the trees, the grass, talking with some pets (a gorgeous cat)
Dialogue about my art
Slowly  getting inspired, I have resources!
Energy lifting...

Children from school
Some creative work with my daughter...still tired, slow,  but moving, moving
Almost giving up the idea of going to Yoga
And then a telephone
I'm on my feet, drop kids off at guitar and horseback riding classes
Yoga, wow I'm so glad I went

Pizza for dinner!
(just to hear kids shout YAY! at the top of their lungs makes life worth living!)

And it is
Life is worth living
And as someone put it, can't remember who
Life IS for the living
And I'm alive and moving
And creating
And all is well

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