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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wisdom From My Personal Guru

"No Chains Around My Feet, But I'm Not Free"my latest piece for the Paris show, paper metal wire, plaster and fabric will post another shot soon

My son Tom stayed at home the other day.

I saw he was having trouble getting up, he looked very tired and I decided to give him the day off from school. Anyway, you know I don't think school is SO important...

So we're together in the living room, he's lying on the sofa and reading, I'm papier-mache-ing... something I've started doing more and more lately as part of my work.

He yawns

"You're tired, eh?" - I ask.
"Yes Mom, why are adults more tired than kids?"
"Well I guess it's because we have so much stuff ( I make a gesture with my hand- towards my head) up here."
"And kids?"
"Your job is just to have fun and enjoy life."


Tom smiles, we look at each other and begin to laugh...well duh! It's adults' job too!
Guess I kinda lost that....

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