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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Six things I discovered this week (inspired by Jim Connolly's post)


Six things I discovered this week (inspired by Jim Connolly's post)

1. That I am my own inner teacher.
2. That my feelings are my compass - yes it's been said to me before , but now I can actually feel it!
3. That not everyone has to love me. nor I them. (wow that's big for me...and liberating too!)
4.That so much energy springs forth from me when I speak up and say what's true for me in the moment, and I end up loving myself for it too.( BIG BONUS)
5. It's OK to say no...
6. I do make a difference to people's lives....(said with a tender recognition...)

And : p.s. My friend and  fellow colleague and student of Biosynthesis, Judith, said this at the end of our workshop with the beautiful and powerful teacher from Spain, Maria Del Mar:  

" I discovered in this workshop that Moving On is not always Moving Forward -  Sometimes.... it's  Moving In..."


  1. Wow Yael - Sounds like you had a busy and illuminating week!

    Here's to next week ;)

  2. Thank you Jim!
    Yes it was great...alot of learning, and implementing, on a personal level which I believe will translate to my business level too! Thank YOU again!