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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The day I won't need to procrastinate...anything!

 How Frustrating!

I had a piece written in my head and then I sat at the computer, saw an e-mail by a friend and then poof it disappeared!
Well it went something like this (inspired by a post I read earlier, "just do it" it was called
Anyway here goes:

The day I won't need to procrastinate...anything

The papers that need filing
The laundry
That needs to
Be hung
taken down
out of the dryer
and folded
and put away ( that's five extra procrasts)
The skillet waiting to be cleaned
The call that is waiting to be made
The bunny box cleaned
the piece in the studio staring
me in the face every time I pass by
(to hang the laundry...)
 that call again!
the kid's bag from their Dad unpacked ( another bag unpacked)
the grocery shopping! oh, that's a big one!
enough said.
Why do we need to procrastinate? What deeper need is it serving? Maybe as Byron Katie puts it, it's all a story?
meanwhile I'm still here, waiting
longing to BE
in continuous flow, moving from one thing to another
in peace


  1. love what you wrote Yael. And isn't it so true that when we put our stories aside and get on with what we will do anyway! we are surprised that it can be done quite quickly after all. I have found that trying to do something immediately rather than delaying helps as then things don't accumulate. Also I have found that our kids can do quite a lot more than we give them credit to. And it takes patience not to expect them to do things in the moment we exactly want them to.

  2. Thanks Sam!
    Agree on the point of the kids! They can do much more,yet only when doing so willingly, because if it's forced - it creates a bitterness that accumulates,and therefore is counterproductive! Actually, unpacking that bag I see is MY CHORE! :-)
    Thanks again, love Yael

  3. Oh and BTW after finishing that post, on my way to bed, I suddenly remembered the thing that I often procrastinate the most - GOING TO BED!

  4. I love the part about it all being a story...

    What story are we telling ourselves that stops us from being the best we can be...naturally, effortlessly?

    Instead we find other stuff to do...

    Lovely post, thanks Yael!


  5. Hi Kate
    Thanks for your comment- well, to answer your question: according to Byron Katie, what causes us suffering and all the rest is our stressful thoughts about how it SHOULD BE. For example: I should be more productive, get more done etc. etc.It's the stress around it that does damage, don't you think, notice?

  6. Ah ha, the all invasive "shoulds" in life. They don't motivate us either do they?

  7. Not at all, "au contraire" as Snoopy would say.....:-)