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Friday, April 30, 2010

To Suffer Creatively

This is not my idea..and I don't  remember who said it. Right now,  though it seems like a good idea since I'm suffering anyway, I might as well be creative, right?

Basically I have that BIG question again in my head. Why, will someone please tell me , am I still here? In this world , on this plane? Earlier, I thought, maybe it's all so I could bring these two beautiful people into the world and THEY will be able to fulfill something and make a difference. Yes I guess that's it , I desperately want to make a difference, and a living while I'm doing it. And that's not happening , at least not yet...but I know I am pretty fed up, waiting...

Well since I'm here and maybe you are too, I'll slip in some Empathy to my-self , after being a little unpleasant to my -self all day:

Me : You'll never get anywhere or do anything, time's rushing by, and what have you achieved?!

Self:  So it sounds like you're pretty down, eh?

Me: You bet I am, just look at you! Been pushing chocalate waffles down, when you're not hungry, what's that?

Self : Sounds like you really want some self-respect...and to take care of yourself in a more concious way

Me: That too! What's with how you're treating your body? You need to see an ear doctor, and that poor little toe of yours , screaming for help! Why, oh why are you continuosly choosing to live in pain? It looks like you're punishing yourself for something! I mean would you treat anyone else like this?

 Self : (sigh.....) I hear you. You're hurting....and mostly I notice that you're very very tired...

Me: (Yawning), yes...very...maybe I'll have a little nap and things will look a little better later.

Self : sounds good to me, go for it....hug

I'm not sure this little empathy session will change a lot but, (yawn) I'll let you know .....

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