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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hamsa - will I be making them again?

" Avert the evil eye with this this beautiful wall hanging Hamsa.
Traditionally hung over doorways throughout the Middle East...it brings together all religions in their quest for well being!
made of embossed brass, with turquoise patina and transparent finish."

I've been making this piece for a long time now...and haven't always felt good, mainly about how much I was asking for it.... mmmmmm what should I do? To do or not to do?


  1. Love the piece! Make it Make it!

  2. Beautiful work, Yael! I'm curious - is your conflict that you feel you're asking too much money for it?? $60 seems entirely reasonable to me. Just fyi. :)

    But if your conflict is that you're tired of making it, that's another issue entirely. And if this is the case, is it because you're more interested in making other things, or because you're feeling underpaid/undervalued for your work, or...?

    These are some of the kinds of questions I ask myself when I hit blocks around a particular creative pursuit.


  3. Thank you Melissa..
    Yes. I am tired of making them mainly because when I sell them to shops in Israel,which so far it has been my main venue I end up getting HALF of those $60in order for the shops to sell at a reasonable price...THEN I feel undervalued. Which probably means I should stop doing that...but maybe the issue is I am feeling burned out...