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Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to Live Nonviolently - Step one

This is more of a draft than a real post, and yet, so many seasoned bloggers say  : don't get hung up on perfection, so here goes.

So, how to live nonviolently? Really...in your moment to moment experience- in your body-  not your head

Just notice - what's going on in your own body- is there stress anywhere? Where are you holding on un- necessarily? Notice it and if possible -  release whatever. wherever it is located. After 7 or more years learning breathing eating drinking Nonviolent Communictation ( through my intellect) only NOW, I am beginning to realize where war really begins...
More on this soon....


  1. Your emphasis on nonviolence is incredibly thought-provoking.

    You're right, it can feel like an internal war sometimes. It helps me to use Ghandi as a role model when I'm at war with myself.

    Refusing to fight the "enemy" gives me the mental space to have empathy for my conflicts. And empathy allows solutions to appear from nowhere.

  2. Yes Reetha
    Thank you for your comment!
    I agree...and Marshall Rosenberg, who formulated this model of communication, based on the legacy of Gandhi,and "ahimsa" - nonviolence in Sanskrit - often points out- that when a certain quality of connection (inner and outer) exists, the solutions find US, and not the other way around.... Empathy is a key to that connection