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Friday, July 3, 2009

Observations on The Work and my Parenting

Hi everyone
This is where everyone gets to see and read how humanly hard it is to stay connected with NVC consciousness on a day to day, what am I saying, moment to moment basis. I am so aware , so aware of what's going on and yet , still still,here I am repeating the same 'mistakes', yes yes Katie I know,there are NO mistakes in the Universe, and yes the word,'mistake' implies wrongness and I want , so want to stay compassionate to my own self, my human-ness.
Well, in any case meant to type this up, something that happened a few weeks ago - maybe months -who can tell- and was put on Naomi Aldort's newsletter.

This morning,I'm noticing how stressed out again I am, before leaving home to go to school-
Yasmin, my beloved 9 year old daughter, my teacher , just realizes she needs a rubber band for her gym class,the time is 0814, we need to be there in like , one minute, -I say, well, it's not just a saying, it's with that TONE of voice - harsh,unloving, anyway, I say:

"Always at the last moment !"

Just as I am remembering I wanted to take the trash out - simultaneously - remembering The Work - I do a quick turnaround, outloud whilst realizing Tomi , my son (Yasmin' s twin brother) and teacher numero uno, is standing right next to me -

" I'm always at the last moment ! "

And Tomi answers. : " Right, Ima..." (mom in hebrew)

And of course 'ALWAYS' is not a hundred percent true either! big smile,and a little relief and on to the next moment and the next and the next. And now in Hebrew for my Israeli readers.

Dedicated to Yasmin and Tomi, my two and only's

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