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Monday, February 3, 2014

Open Heart Project

Haven't updated this blog in what seems like such a long time...
can't seem to think why, really. 

What have I been busy doing?

Amongst other things joining The Open Heart Project with the most wonderful Susan Piver, a writer and Buddhist Meditation teacher. She has inspired me to come back to meditation practice, and she does so in a way that, wow, how shall I put it, is so practical, down to earth, REAL, accessible that connects with so many issues I, and many others it turns out, face. The stresses of daily life and how to deal with them, our worthiness, and basic goodness. Things I know I need daily reminders of. 

So on a twice weekly basis I receive into my inbox a 10 minute video of Susan guiding meditation, preceded with a small talk, presenting issues of relevance to the practice. There is something so comforting for me to know they are coming. I love her voice and sense of humor, but above all, her HUMUN-ness.

What has it given me so far? A sense of space, a little more focus, and a little, and I say this with great care.. a little more tolerance of myself!

I could go on and on - instead - I recommend you try her out and see what it does for your life.

Susan Piver

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