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Thursday, December 17, 2009

wacky days and wacky band

It's been a crazy few days . Rushing around down down town of Tel Aviv where all the metal merchants and tool suppliers are, trying to bring together as many pieces that I can for tomorrow and Saturday's show and sale of my metal containers and wall hanging Menorahs.(together with friend Jeweler Sarah Agami) Yes, well I am aware that it is the end of Hanukkah, and I don't even have a Menorah at home...ha ha, and most people are done buying them and yet, MYmenorahs they buy all year because they are not just functional they are jewelry for the home.(kinda like that name, hey nobody steal it!) Late last night till midnight working and hearing a funny wacky relatively new band  called, Daphne and the Cookies, wow they sounded like a wild bunch. midst all this ,Yasmin my one and only lovely 10 year old, almost next month, won second prize at a Horseback riding competition, so all around quite exciting! Not to mention the home, bunnies etc.dunno where I can ever fit in a relationship... whew ! Guess not :-) or :-(. Anyway - wish me luck tomorrow's the day better get to bed!


  1. Good luck tomorrow Yael! by the way, your mandala menorah is absolutely beautiful. the textures are exquisite.